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Risa Lawson sits alone in her apartment, on the ground with her favorite tv show playing on her decent sized tv. She grunts as she moves around, putting her elbows on her coffee table as she looks to the screen. She sighs and shakes her head. “I wonder how many times I’ve watched this series through…And now a new season’s coming out I feel like I have to watch it all over again.” She says with a smile as she tosses a piece of popcorn into her mouth and crunches on it.  “Gah Why can’t life be interesting like this show…or some of those other shows my friends and I watch, or why the hell not, make life like a video game that way everyone’d be happy.” She sighs and puts her hands on her cheeks.

She continues to watch her show, laughing at the occasional joke, or saying the lines out loud as she knew when they where coming.  Risa takes a sip from a soda can and lets out a soft belch as she pauses the tv and stands up to go get another can of soda, as well as another snack. She looks through her freezer and fridge and shrugs as she takes out a tub of chocolate ice cream and an orange cream soda. She looks to her collection of fantasy wargame figures and sighs. What she wouldn’t give to be apart of a universe like that, though she’d want things like junk food and internet and tv to exist as well.

She sits back down in front of her tv as she lets out a soft belch and rubs her softened stomach. “Jeez I am gaining a lot of weight recently…ugh buuuuurp!” She lets out another belch and quirks her brow. “That was weird…ah well I’m still pretty hungry.” She says as she begins to eat her softserve ice cream. She continues to watch and laugh at her tv before she finishes her ice cream and a strange thought appears in her mind. “Hmmmm I really could go for some more meat…but where do I get some?”

She then stands up and rushes over to her fridge and sighs as she sees a fully cooked ham. She smiles and licks her lips as she takes the plate with the ham on it and walks over to her TV before she digs her teeth into it, holding it by the legbone as she tears meat off with her teeth before chewing. “Mmmmmmf Mmmmmm gruh…this Is so fuckin good I can’t believe it…I might heat it up if I feel like it…Hmmmm ah hell it won’t hurt nuthin.” She says as she puts the ham in  her large microwave and heats it up. After a minute she takes the sizzling ham out and sits down and begins to feast yet again.

As she tears the meat from the bone and chews the fatty flavorful meat, juice dripping from her cheeks and chin Her belly begins to swell out slightly.  She doesn’t yet notice as it pushes up against her red tank top, her chest as well had swollen slightly and was pressing against the red fabric. Risa groans and tugs at her top. “What tha hell is wrong with this thing?” She asks and continues eating away at the ham.  She grunts and pulls down her pajama pants so she can sit in her plain white panties. She laughs heartily at the tv and lets out another soft belch.

She soon puts the meat down and stretches her arms and sits on her couch spread eagle. She grunts and groans as she leans back patting her belly. “Ah…I ain’t ate like that in a long time…guh what am I talking like that for?” She asks and shakes her head and continues to watch her show.  After a few hours she turns off the tv and leans back to fall asleep. “Best part of the holiday…don’ gotta go to work for a while I can just stay here and pig out.” She chuckles and cuddles a stuffed toy of some fantasy character and drifts to sleep, dreaming of meat and sweets as far as the eye could see.

Risa Wakes soon rubbing her eyes and looks to her hands, tilting her head as it seems her fingernails have grown a bit longer. “Jeez I better clip em sometime, I’ll do that after I marathon Gundam SEED first…burrrrp!” She rubs her already wide hips and looks down to her slightly pudging belly. “Ah well it’s the holidays gotta expect to gain a bit of weight here an there.” She says as she prepares her DVDs, popcorn, and the leg of ham she was munching on the night before, heating it up once more. She sits on her couch wearing nothing but her white panties, letting her huge J cup breasts hang free as she begins to eat her popcorn, sitting the bowl on the couch next to her and holding the ham in her other hand as she tears at the meat with her teeth. “Graaargh! Hnnnngrh!!” She continues to gorge herself on the juicy fatty meat. She swallows and lets out a growl as she flexes her arms, which look a bit more defined she stretches her arms before she continues to feast. Soon her popcorn bowl is empty and she grunts “I need more…and this ham is just too good…Graaargh!” She says as she digs her teeth into them, her bottom canines sinking into them as she pulls back and holds her mouth. “OW! W-what the?” She grunts.

She sits the ham leg on a plate and stands up with the popcorn bowl and heads to the kitchen. She sits the bowl down and looks around for something to fill it with, soon she sees some croissants in her fridge and smiles, she opens up the can and prepares a baking sheet and puts them in her oven. She then fills her popcorn bowl with various chips pretzels, spicy cheese puffs, and beef jerky. She then goes to her restroom and looks into her mouth, her canines seem a bit longer, and pointier. She shakes her head, assuming she was just seeing things and returns to watching Gundam Seed while munching away at ham, beef jerky, and other snack foods.

About 20 minutes later she takes out the croissants out of the oven and puts them into the now empty bowl, along with some more beef jerky as she then looks back into her bathroom again. “What the hell’s happenin t’ me?” She asks and flexes her much more muscular arms and cups her now K cup breasts, and rubs her much more pudgy belly. She rubs her hips which seem much wider than before and looks down to her thicker legs, she rubs them noticing how soft they feel, but then flexes them and feels a large amount of muscle underneath. “W-what in th’…My body just feels so fuckin weird!” She grunts and stands up. Her teeth seem pointier than before, longer and thicker as well, they where poking out from her lower lips and pushing up aginst her upper lips.

She then went back to eating and watching gundam seed. “Hah…Fuckin Cagalli’s so pretty Mmmmf I just wanna shove er to the ground and grind my cunt right on her face!” She grunts as she feels her cunt begin to moisten. As she reached Episode 30 she noticed something off with her skin, it looked light green, and she felt taller, she rushes to the bathroom to see what’s happening and sees that she’s grown from her average 5’6” height to about 6’8”. “N-No way is this fuckin normal! M-Maybe I should go see a doctor or sumthin….” She grunts and growls as she speaks and pauses the dvd, and turns off the TV. “Ugh...Come t’ think of it I never bought a ham leg…I need t’ stop eatin and find out what’s goin on!” She cries out and runs to her room to get dressed. She puts on a pair of jeans, after struggling to get them up her legs and onto her waist the pant legs begin to burst at the seams after making a loud ripping noise. “NO! Those where m’ favorite pair!” She grunts and frowns before she puts on a pair of stretchy sweatpants. “Now m’ scared t’ put on a top…” She says as she takes a plain white t-shirt and pulls it over her massive bust, but part of her gut still hangs out. She finally puts on a jacket and shoes, and heads to her front door.

As soon as she reached her front door it wouldn’t open. She growls and tries to unlock it with her door but to no avail. Soon there was a light chuckle on the other side of the door. “H-Huh What in th’!?” She says as she tugs at her door with all her strength. “It’s no use sad to say!” Says a cheery feminine voice from the other side of the door.  “Who the hell are ya!?” She yells and waits for the voice to reply. “Why I’m your Christmas Elf~” Says the voice on the other side. “Chrismas Elf? This Ain’t funny what’s goin on with my body!” She cries out, the supposed elf on the other side of the door answers. “Well you wished your life where more interesting like one of your tv shows or fantasy games! So I’m helping that happen! But your wish isn’t 100% ready yet so we thought we’d let you get a sneak peak of your gift since you’ve been such a good girl for a long time…even though you don’t believe in Santa anymore. Us Elves get mad promotions when we do stuff like this! I’ve been your elf ever since you where little! Remember Red Dwarf season 3? I got that for you many Christmas’s ago!” She says with a cheery voice. “W-what? Christmas Elves? Y-you’re shittin me, and what do you mean my gift’s not ready and what yer doin t’ my body’s a sneak peak!? Is this some kinda Joke!” Risa yells beginning to feel very agitated.

“Nope! Take a peek outside your mailslot!” She says, and Risa gets on her knees, and bends over slightly before she pushes up her mailslot, and on the other side is a very cute looking elf, smiling at her from the other side, dressed in very christmasy attire, red and green with a santa like hat with bells on her shoes. “See I’m Twinkle your Christmas elf!” Says the Elf, Risa falls back on her huge rump with a thud, tearing her sweatpants. “GAAH! I’M GETTING TOO FAT FOR THESE TOO!?!” She screams and Twinkle yelps. “Y-Yeah that was a slight oversight on my part…but your gift’s almost ready I super duper promise! And we’ll have appropriate clothes for an Orc like you!” She says happily.

“AN ORC!?” Risa shrikes and pounds at the door causing Twinkle to yelp. “Y-you’re turnin me into an ORC!?” Twinkle then giggles “Uh Huh, I know you like big fat ladies…especially with a bit of muscle so I though HEY An Orc would be perfect for your first adventure! I-If you don’t like it you can always ask for it to be changed later.” She says  in a saddened tone. “Adventure? What kinda gift are ya givin me anyway?” Risa asks, feeling somewhat shocked. “W-well It’s a fully interactive fantasy game, that you well…you’re teleported inside and you can leave whenever you want really…and you’ll be able to change back to normal once your gift’s done I just thought you might like…well to fatten up and turn into an orc!” She says happily. Risa grunts and sighs. “Alright Twinkle…if you’re for real…an all I guess I can’t be too freaked out, but I can’t leave my house like this!” She says. Twinkle then says in a very cheery tone. “That’s why I’ve been putting all kindsa food and stuff in your fridge, freezer, and pantry! You did notice that big fat ham leg right?” Risa then takes a sigh of relief. “So you’re the reason that ham got in my fridge…guess I don’t have much to worry about.” She says feeling much more relaxed, she stands up and feels the new weight on her chest wobble slightly. “Uh huh, just enjoy your change! Your game and clothes will be done soon!” She says.

“Oopsie doopsie! Gotta go Risa, The big guy wants my report soon and It’ll be my patootie if I don’t tell him that you’re satisfied with how your Christmas is going so far…so are ya?” She asks and Risa smiles and gropes at her breast and belly. “Y-Yeah This ain’t so bad…groooah!” She lets out a lewd moan as she continues to grope herself. Twinkle giggles and a click is heard from behind the door. “I’ll put that down as a “Very satisfied!” Teehee thank you see you soon!” She says before a magical jingling is heard before there’s silence. Risa moves over to her couch as she continues to squeeze her tit and belly. “Mmmmf…more I wanna get bigger!” She says before she lets go of her breast and grabs the ham leg and begins to tear into it with her new orcish tusks. She grunts as she continues to rip away at the meat, chewing and swallowing the sweet meat as she lets her other hand wander down to her puffy wet cunt. Her greenish fingers push between her wet folds of her puffy cunt as she continues to eat the meat right off the bone. “Mmmmgrfff…grrrraaah oooh fuck yeah grrrrrroooah! Reaaaaaah!” She moans as she takes a big bite out of the meat and continues to finger herself grunting and moaning softly as she continues to change.

Her skin begins to darken after she sits fingering herself for near half an hour, the ham almost picked to the bone. She sets it aside and grabs the bowl with her now free hand and begins to shovel croissants and beef jerky into her mouth. “Mmmmmmgrooooh yeargh! YRAAAH GRAAAHAAHA OOOH YEAH!!” She cries out and flexes her powerful orcish muscles as she shoves 4 fingers into her snatch, and begins to finger herself faster, her inner walls spasming as she shoves in and out of her pussy. Her sex makes a loud squishing and squeltching noise as she jackhammers her own pussy with her fingers. “Graaaaaah Wish I had one o’ those horse dildo things….er something aaaah!” She cries out and doubles over shoving handfuls of dried meat and buttery croissants into her maw. Her bones pop as she continues to grow even taller, her belly bulging out as her breasts begin to gurgle and swell till they reach the size of large beach balls. Her rump causing the couch to creak. Her ass the size of massive bouncy balls as well, they feel soft yet very firm. Her breasts sag slightly as she rocks back and fourth and the changes begin to slow. “Graaaaah! I-I’m fuckin cummin I-I’m a fuckin orc! A-aaaahn yeah it feels so good to be an orc Mrgrrrraagh!” She moans blissfully as she stuffs her face with more food, and pussy juice squirts all over her hand. She swallows and burps loudly and stands up. “A-aha…think it’s time t’ take a good look at myself!”

As  she looks into the mirror she rubs her hands over every roll and bulge of her body, her belly looks like she was carrying a child for 9 months. Her bust sagging lightly but still feels very soft and bouncy. She then turns around and looks behind her, slapping her rump and watching it jiggle. She then steps to the scale and stands on it, she grunts and looks down seeing that she weighs a whopping 640 pounds! “Mmmmmf I-I Guess bein an orc ain’t so bad…though I did have t’ duck to fit in here…” She says, as she stands she’s about 8’3” tall. “Wonder when…Twinkle will bring my gift…” She says with a sigh as she ducks under the doorframe again and walks to her room. She yawns and stretches her muscular arms and bites her lips as she flexes them. “Mmmmf…jeez I feel like I could tear apart this whole apartment with these arms and legs…”Mmmmf G’night…” She says as she lays down, despite it being Christmas eve she hadn’t opened any of her gifts her family had given her, she was simply too busy masturbating and stuffing herself to bother. After a very peaceful dream Risa wakes up with a smile on her beautiful orcish face, scratching her messy bedhead hair.

She walks out of her room and to the tree seeing neatly wrapped boxes with reindeer wrapping paper, and a card. She picks up the card and opens it, reading. “Hi there Risa! Glad you liked your little pre present! Sorry we couldn’t give ya anything to help out with that “Ache” But I hope this makes everything worthwhile! Much love Twinkle!” With a little smiley face near the end. Risa chuckles and opens the first present revealing some animal skin loincloths and breastcovers. She grunts and smiles as she ties the tiger skin around her breasts, and the boar skin around her waist and crotch. “Mmmmf…feels good.” She grunts before moving over to the other box and opens it revealing a book
called Amazonia.

She opens it up to reveal a disk inside with many pages of backstory, and plot along with another letter from Twinkle. “Hiya there! This is your game it’s totally 100% magic custom made especially for you! I made sure to put in everything you like about fantasy even some of your more naughty fantasies…Wonder how you’re still on the nice list huh? Hehe! Well All you have to do is pop the game in and write your profile it’s that easy! Once you’re out of the game you can choose to go back to normal…oooor stay in whatever form you like for a little while Just make sure whatever you are has opposable thumbs and can use a mouse or else you might be stuck in the real world on all fours! But luckily we will be able to tell if something’s wrong, Christmas Elves always are watching to make sure you’re good after all!”

Risa happily takes the disk and sits at her computer, though her rear stains the armrests on her computer chair, causing it to creak under her massive weight. She looks to the screen, and a medieval fantasy looking title screen. She clicks on start game, and enters all her information, though the fact that she was an orc, her breast size, muscle mass, and weight where already logged in. She then picks a double handed Axe and the whole world goes white. Soon she wakes up in a forest, on a hammock and grunts. “W-what the…w-wow Twinkle really did it…this place fuckin amazing!” She calls out, but soon there’s a knock at her door. “W-who’s it?” Risa Grunts and reaches for her axe. Soon a tall 10 foot tall orc woman, built like a female body builder with rock hard abs, bulging biceps, thick muscular legs, and a nice plump firm looking bottom she could see even from the front, topped off with a pair of plump juicy L cup breasts with dark green nipples. The Orcess had a scar over her nose, and had only a strip of hair ending in a ponytail that lay on her shoulder. “So Yer Riza…I’m Onga…welcome to Amazonia!” She says as she rips her loincloth away to let a large horsecock flop out, and a pair of coconut sized balls. “Oh…Thank you Twinkle…” Riza says with a pant as she lunges forward at the Orc woman.

The End.


Just a guy who likes huge boobs.
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I feel like my old stories weren't up to my new expectations after being away for a while and learning some more i've decided I wont try to write anything really really big and long I will most likely stick to short stories and if I happen to make a series out of it cool, I just wont make the series too long because I feel I am incapeable of writing a long series of stories. 

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